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Our designers a very passionate about every aspect of graphic design. You say and we speak...

We are more than just image designers. Our agency communicates, converts and stands out!

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Our Design Agency in Amsterdam

At Create Todat Agency we do it a bit differently, personal contact to start off with. We consider every customer our best customer and nobody gets treated like a number. We handle all of your projects with more care and expertise than our own projects.

Communication is clearly our main focus, to you and through your projects. That is why we always schedule an extensive consult, free of charge, to find out what your wishes are and how we can best fulfil them.

Are you just starting out and you want to stand out in your niche? No worries... Or are you already a known player in your field and would you like to expand your brand visually even more? Maybe you need a new or optimized corprate identity?

We have straight up geniusses at Create Today that are happy to help you quickly, professionally and with a little bit of fun!

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What they say about our Design Studio

I really needed help creating my brand. I needed a logo, a corporate identity, visual backup with my online campaigns, I needed a whole lot actually. Create Today Agency proved to be te exact right fit. A very personal approach, they werk super quickly and are very creative. Especially Carmen was very envolved with my particular project and was available day and night, which was awesome. Thank you Carmen!

​Jodie Starr

​Media Schrijver

Right after I began working with Create Today it became quite clear that they were 'the' design agency for me. The first (free) consult took way longer than expected and I got way more out of it than anticipated. After the consult we had a couple phone calls but beside those they really took everything off my hands! We are very pleased with the end result and I would recommend these guys to everyone...

​Billy Bravo

​Fitness Coach

Who is Create Today Agency Amsterdam?

​Carmen Dompeling

Arend van Veen
​Hoofd Visuals

Gert van den Nieuwenhuizen  ​
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Why our Graphic Design Agency Amsterdam?

As small as The Netherlands is, it has around 2 million businesses and is not little. Amsterdam as a city and the whole province of Noord-Holland has a history of being the location with the most businesses in the whole country. Al these entrepreneurs, hopefully, have a beautiful product or service and they are responsible for this flourishing economy 🙂

Standing Out, Explaining and Communicating

Key words when it comes to graphic design and getting clients for your business. Every business owner knows how important it is to inform first before throwing a product or service in front of the customer. And we are not talking ‘simple informing’ here, a potential customer will only start to think about pulling out his credit card or wallet when he is totally sure of what it is you are selling. This is exactly where a lot of businesses get lost, not properly communicating of what they are selling

Obviously, it is not only about informing, also to accentuate the particularities of the product or service that convinces the customer to work with you. This first step is a big one, how do I communicate with my audience?

These days people really don't have the time to sit and read all these long pieces of text, we all want to know what it’s about in 2 seconds. Preferably by means of a video or image, the less trouble it takes the better. This is one of the reasons why it’s a pretty good idea to think about working with a professional design studio.

Like written above, there are a ton of businesses in The Netherlands alone (not even talking about the rest of the world) so there is a pretty big chance someone else is providing the same service as you. That’s not a problem, but it does makes it that much more important for you to differentiate your business! Why should a customer pick your company over another that is providing the same service or product?

That’s exactly why you want to stand out and communicate that to your target audience. Our team of creative designers at Create Today Agency are missing sleep thinking and creating new ways for our clients to stand out and be original. But that’s perfectly fine, it is what makes us tick. The good news is we love it, do it all the time and gotten madly good at it!

Smaller and Large Businesses

We at Create Today Agency just love diversity. We have a particular part of our team working on the projects of the smaller and middle-sized companies. This way this part of the team has become specialists in this area. The rest of the team focusses on the larger firms and corporations and in their turn, they are now specialists in working with the big companies.

Every niche has its own company structure, we know that all too well. That’s why it is especially important to us to and to our clients we show expertise and experience in these areas.

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What does Graphic Design in Amsterdam Cost?

This is very different per project and very hard to say. For smaller projects we are talking a couple hundred euro’s, for more complex and bigger one’s a bit more.

We are very creative and are willing to do a lot, there are a lot of possibilities, so the costs of a project are varying quite significantly. A simple logo will be done before you know it, however a deep and structured campaign specifically calibrated on different audiences we do require a little more time. We always talk the projects through and maybe take some time to thoroughly plan and discuss it with the team. We all talk about this during our free consultation.

What do we design?


Our graphic designers are having busy days working on logo’s because this is one of the most common design inquiries out there. Every business or project needs a logo or an adjustment on their previous design. A logo is somewhat forever, however you may want to adjust it here and there over time. Some businesses have different logo’s for different seasons.

A logo must be out there and immediately identifying the company. Also, you want it to stick in the memory of your audience. Our team has years of experience in this area and we can’t wait to optimize or build your project from the ground up!

Corporate Identity

Usually business owners are too busy working on their business instead of getting into the nitty gritty of design work. Maybe not such a bad decision. Design looks pretty easy to do and it is, but professional and effective design is quite the science. No worries though, our designers are waiting for clients to let us handle the whole corporate identity. Strangely enough this is what we think is the most fun. This way we can let every aspect complement each other and make the corporate identity super-efficient and neat!

Obviously, we can also do an efficiency check on your current corporate identity and suggest ways to improve it.


Every company has a certain mission, goal or perspective. This is usually found in the products or services they provide. However, this is not directly visible for the customer or employee at that particular company. To make this message clear companies try to write long pieces of content or even copy to convince their audiences. Unfortunately, our attention span it not what it used to be.

An infographic is a great solution for all of this. Not only that, it is way more appealing to customer of company trying to communicate. The human brain processes information way faster through visuals. Also, visuals are easier to brand and they are way more fun to consume. Fun always sound a bit immature but in this case it is actually quite the opposite. The so called ‘fun factor’ is playing a huge roll when it comes to the effectiveness of an infographic.

Does your Corporate Identity Need Improvements?

Let us know! Our design geeks are waiting to tweak all that is needed to make your company more effective, and...